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My journey through life

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In my twenties, I read the great Milan Kundera. At that time, I believed that life is somewhere else, and it was true. I always wanted to be on the other side where life exits.

Today, I'm 32 years old, and all I know is that I'm here and Life is everywhere. Wherever I go, and in each moment, life goes on, and on the rhythm of Techno music, I breathe and dance.

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It's amazing how reality isn't one reality. Reality is very diverse and there are as many realities in the world as there are living beings: humans, animals, trees and mountains etc.. Reality is diverse but life is one.

Life is the source that we create from whatever we want. We can create a miserable life, a superficial life or a simple life. We can create a story in which we're victims, heroes, successful, losers or warriors. Life is a flowing container. It's not positive nor negative. Life isn't even neutral. “Life is life” as the famous song goes.

Life doesn't go forward. It doesn't go high. Life doesn't have a past, and neither a future.
We, humans, added these dimensions to it when we created "time.”

"Time", as a concept, limits life and puts it in closed boxes. It limits the way we perceive life. "time" determines our direction. This is how we spend our life: we're either stuck in the past or concerned about the future.The past has gone and we can't possibly meet the future.
The future is always happening in the "next moment," and when that moment comes, it becomes "the present" and it’s never the future.

In the past few years, I used to be concerned about the future. Recently, I started to unlearn that. This doesn't mean that I won't plan for what I will do next. There is a nuance between planning for the future and being concerned about it. Future is an illusion and being anxious about it will add up to our anxiety.

This is why most of the old and new spiritual beliefs always talk about the importance of "living in the now" (here and now). And the most important tool to do that is meditation.
Through meditation, we experience life as it is. We separate life from "time.” We see a glimpse of life without the human touch.


A dear friend of mine taught me meditation in 2010. Since then, I try to meditate on a daily basis. Of course, there are times where I skip it.
I used to meditate every morning before going to the office. Today, I can say that mediation kept me alive all those years. It kept me sane (or that’s what I think). It's a tool of resistance to go through life in a world trying to smash our soul and body.

Recently, I resigned from my job and left the office world and started to travel since March 2018, I'm not meditating by sitting. I meditate in different ways: walking for hours in the streets. Sitting for hours around lakes and rivers. Hiking in the mountains. I do that without talking to anyone and without doing anything else. Sometimes, I listen to music and sometimes I don't.

I try to observe life as it is. To be in it without intervention. I try to “be” without doing anything.


To be

Since the moment we’re born, society programs us to be "someone" or "something.” It programs us through its different institutions: family, religions, and schools.
It programs us to be part of the society. It programs us to obey the authority, every authority. One is programmed to be a father, a mother, an engineer, a politician or any other title.
You are programmed to know how to earn money and have a lot of properties. You learn many social skills. You are taught about everything but you won't be taught how "to be,” and just be.
Even though the concept of “being” sounds simple and easy but it's one of the most difficult things to do.

"to be" is a long process of learning and unlearning.

"to be" is to unlearn all the belief systems that we learned throughout our life.

"to be" is to learn a new way of thinking and to approach life with a different attitude.

"to be" means to sit by yourself without doing anything, and this is something that civilization doesn't like.

When a day passes without doing anything at all, we feel useless. We feel guilty that we weren't "productive.” This feeling eats us alive. It comes from all the beliefs that programmed us to be "productive.”

"To be" means to reconcile with the idea of doing nothing. To be on our own. To hang out in nature. To learn about ourself and others. To grow spiritually. To take care of our mental health. To maintain our physical health. To be prepared for what will come next.

"To be" means to create your path outside the mainstream culture, and away from political and religious authorities.

"To be" means to create your own reality, and to write your own story based on what you are and what you will become.


Life is here and not somewhere else.

Sometimes, life is a long rave and earth is a massive dance floor.

Sometimes, life is a battle and earth is a big battlefield.

Sometimes, life is a game/play, and earth is a playground.

Sometimes, life is a sitcom, and earth is its set.

Life is changing constantly, and each moment we choose what we want to be. Sometimes, we dance. Sometimes, we fight. Sometimes, we play. Sometimes, we laugh.

Life is here.. And we're here to live it as it is. 

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