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lessons I learned through flow arts

ملخص المكتوب: these lessons can apply to other aspects of life

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When I used to resist, my suffering persists.

When I used to force things, my attachment increased.

Resisting something, at core, is very similar to forcing something. Both are of the same nature.

The previous years, I was learning these things about myself. I found out that resistance and forcing come from same place which is not accepting reality as it is. Both lead to suffering, and that's how I ended up with mental illnesses: depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.

These illnesses are a package that kept me in an endless look of stagnation, bitterness, anger and self-sabotaging.

I was in a downward spiral, and that's where I hit the rock bottom, that's when I made a major decision to change everything about my life.

My journey began when I decided to stop forcing things into my life and to stop resisting reality.

The last three years were about unlearning, learning, healing, connecting, surrendering, letting go and just be.

2020 was a difficult year, and at the same time, it was year of blessings.

It was the year of meeting my shadows, and dealing with them to overcome the old self, the old world within. This was happening while the old world crumbling and collapsing.

While doing that, I got into flow arts. Many friends introduced me to this art and helped me to go deeper to explore it and practice it. By definition, Flow Arts are a series of movement arts centered around moving with one more more inanimate props, usually referred to as tools, in an aesthetically pleasing way. (source)

Through flow arts, I am learning about consciousness, myself and existence itself.

Here I will be sharing my lessons from flow arts with you:


- State of flow: When I practice on my dragon staff, I enter a state of flow where I am focused only on the movement of the staff that is rolling on my body. I am present with it, not distracted by anything else, and the moment something else get my attention, the flow is disturbed and as consequences, the staff will fall to the ground.

The more I am focused and present, the more my consciousness is in state of flow. Being focused and present are keys for a state of flow. And this can apply for anything else.

- Universe is in constant flow: The ancient wisdom tells us that the universe is in constant state of flow. It is in the move. Everything around us flow, vibrate and move. Modern sciences came to the same conclusions. Each atom in the universe is in constant move, endlessly.

What I learnt is that in order to make the staff flow, I can't force it to roll. I just have to create the momentum and let it be. What I can do is just guide it, and go with it so it keeps flowing.

When I flow with the staff, I am aligning my body and consciousness with the state of flow of universe itself. The practice became a form of meditation, but this time it is a meditation through movement.

When alignment with existence around us happens, everything else falls into its own places. Resistance and forcing decreased, and sometimes disappear. This can apply on everything else in life.

- Letting go: State of flow while practicing flow art is a reflection of the inner worlds, the universe within.

The more shadow work I do, the more I flow, and the more I spend time practicing, the smoother the flow. There is interconnectivity between both worlds, and it manifests in reality through the movement of the body and the focused mind.

The most crucial aspect of shadow work is letting go of old patterns and baggage. The more I let go, the lighter I become, which makes my flow smoother. This applies for other aspects of life as well.

- Surrendering: Law of polarity is one of the universal laws. Surrendering and resisting are of the same nature. In my journey, I was learning to shift my consciousness from state of resisting to state of surrendering. When I used to resist, I was not accepting reality, I was off, and not in tuned with the flow of life. Surrendering to reality, accepting it, and dealing with it as it is puts me in a state of flow, where my inner and outer worlds are connected and aligned. The more I surrender, the more I flow with my dragon while practicing.

Surrendering is a key to be in tune with flow of life. This can apply for every aspect of life.

- Stillness and movement: I used to sit for long hours on the couch. It was a form of laziness and stagnation. It was a reflection of my mental state. In 2020, I started to get out of my hear. Instead of living in my head, I was pushing myself into the physical reality through different forms of physical activities. In the recent years, I was dancing a lot in parties but that wasn't enough. I started to practice the body weight program that me and my friend designed as part of the Barbarian Way project, and went back to marital arts but this time to Muay Thai, and in addition, my daily practice of flow art.

Today, I am combining these activities with the daily practice of meditation, and these are keys to live in balance, harmony with myself and the world around me.


These lessons can be applied on any other aspect of life. For me, it is through flow art, martial arts and meditation but for you, it can be through something that you love, something that makes you live your own truth.



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